Terms of service

Thank you for choosing us.
The following terms and conditions of service apply to all customers.
We cannot be held responsible for any losses during the period of custody of your funds. Including all circumstances such as exchange failure, natural disasters, Blockchain failure.
All fees are charged in BTC.
Returns are calculated to equivalence of USD or other fiat currencies. ROE and ROI are reported quarterly, this can be adjusted depending on market conditions.
We reserve all rights including temporarily halting withdrawals during extreme market conditions to protect our customers’ funds.
Customers privacy information are only to be used for fund managing services. We will not store information such as your personal ID, passports.
Withdrawal of funds must be noticed beforehand no less than 3 month, however we will do our best to send funds back to you as fast as possible.
We store all funds in custody in cold storage, the maximum portion of all customers’ funds we hold on exchanges will be less than 10%.
Customers will be deemed as they have renounced the right of all disputes.
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